Wonder if God is calling you to be a sister?

Who are the #MediaNuns?

Today the world is in anguish, desperate for God. The Daughters of Saint Paul journey alongside humanity, seeking to respond to each person’s yearnings with the loving invitation of Christ. 

The Daughters of St. Paul are media apostles who dedicate their lives to creatively share the Gospel of light, love, and beauty with as many people as possible, so that this troubled world can be transformed by the hope found in Christ, one person at a time.  

Do you long to share Christ Jesus with those who don't know him? Connect with a Daughter of Saint Paul in your area and find out more about our spirituality and mission, and how you can discern your vocation with us!

Click here for more information and to contact Sister Margaret Michael, FSP, vocationist for the Daughters of Saint Paul in the Mid-Atlantic region USA.

How blessed you are to discern how the Lord is calling you. Click on the link below to receive an email from me and a short PDF introducing you to the life and mission of the Daughters of St. Paul! You will be in my prayers. Sr. Margaret Michael, FSP 

"In calling you, God says to you: You are important to me, I love you, I am counting on you. Jesus says this to each one of us! Joy is born from that! The joy of the moment in which Jesus looked at me." - Pope Francis

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