Four Unexpected Health Benefits You Get From Adult Coloring Books 

We all know adult coloring books can have a meditative influence and excellent potential to relieve stress. Coloring books can additionally offer opportunities for prayerful mindfulness and scripture reflection. None of this would be possible without the changes coloring, prayer, and grace trigger inside your brain.

The following benefits accrue when you put your mind solely on the activity of coloring. When you’re finished, not only do you have a pleasant picture to admire or give, but you also have a healthier brain and a happier outlook.

1. Relaxes the brain Focusing on a simple task, such as filling in a picture with color, can shift you away from trying to focus on many things at once. Letting your mind settle on one train of thought physically relaxes your body and soothes your brain. 

2. Eliminates competitive stress When you can complete an activity without any expectations, you remove the stress of competition. While in some cases competition can push people to top performance, in others it causes stress and poorer performance. Coloring for your own enjoyment takes the anxiety out of a hobby and lets you finish something with joy in the end result. 

3. Sparks creativity When coloring even the most basic page, your brain still has to make decisions about colors and patterns. When these choices intersect, the creative parts of the brain start firing. Using these parts of the brain helps build logic, reasoning, and problem-solving, keeping your mind sharp. 

4. Replaces negative thought patterns As your brain relaxes, eliminates competitive stress, and harnesses its creative powers, it starts to replace negative thought patterns with more positive ones. Studies have shown a vast improvement in anxiety levels of patients dealing with cancer and PTSD who color. 

If this list isn’t enough to convince you of the benefits of coloring, consider the newest title among the Pauline Books & Media coloring books for prayer and meditation. Jesus Speaks to You presents beautiful images of Christ alongside his words from Scripture. Meditating on these words and images can enhance the healing functions of coloring. So let Jesus speak to you through this beneficial activity!  

Watch the video below to see one of the pages of Jesus Speaks to You spring to color. 

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Everyone knows that they need times of prayer and meditation in their lives. The trouble for most of us is that we just can’t seem to slow down enough for our hearts to catch up!  

One wonderful, creative way to still our minds and allow our hearts to fill with God’s love and peace is through coloring. When we pay attention to what our hands are doing, we lift our focus away from everyday worry and concerns, and we allow ourselves to become open to God's voice.  

With Jesus Speaks to You, you can meditate on the words of the Gospels as you add color to exceptionally beautiful line drawings.

Veruschka Guerra's new adut coloring book picks up where Our Lady's Garden left off... with the life of Jesus, her son and the Son of God.

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Veruschka Guerra lives and works in her birthplace of Paraíba, Brazil. She always wanted to illustrate children’s stories, and finds inspiration for her acrylic, pencil, and watercolor illustrations in dreams, travel, and research. She is a member of SCBWI and has illustrated over 14 books for publishers worldwide.