Daughters of St. Paul

For the special miracles you need...

This October we’re celebrating our Novena Webathon as a live Rosary between October 5 and October 13 in honor of Our Lady of Fatima for the 200th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun.  

The Rosary is a powerful prayer.  

We invite you to join us and bring in your heart those very special people in your life who are longing for the Word that heals, even if they do not know it. Together we will pray for the conversion of sinners, the needs of our family and friends, personal needs, peace in the world. 

We will be saying the rosary each evening on Facebook Live begging her motherly assistance for all the very special miracles we each know we need and that the world so desperately longs for today. 

All prayer intentions shared with us will be put in a basket before Our Lady of Fatima during the Live Novena, and included in the community's prayers from this time forward.  

About Us

As Daughters of Saint Paul, we journey with humanity, seeking to respond to each person’s longings with the loving invitation of Christ. We are media apostles who dedicate our lives to share the beauty and light of the Gospel with as many people as possible. Through just a moment of connection—a smile, a word, an email, a prayer, a book, a song, an app—we endeavor to create a sacred space where every person can encounter Jesus Christ.

Today more than ever, we witness a world in anguish, fragmented and desperate for God. When people discover God, that their lives are held in his hand, it changes everything. Join us in filling the world with Christ’s hope, Christ’s love, Christ’s mercy.