Engaging students with Catholic literature can often feel like an arduous task. The stereotype of the classic Catholic book is something old, boring, irrelevant. While that can be true for some books, stories with modern settings, resonant characters, and timely themes are emerging. These books don’t have to wait for young readers to find them. Teachers can use them in the classroom to infuse lessons about literature with texts their students are likely to pick up again. 

Using the young adult fiction model, Pauline Books & Media offers a line of teen titles to get kids reading more frequently and with greater mindfulness. The Catholic motifs throughout the books bring faith into the stories both subtly and organically. 

Author Stephanie Engelman knows the power of fiction in the classroom. As a writer and mother, she is an advocate for using relevant and resonant texts to enhance learning. 

To discover the power of fiction in your classroom, Stephanie is offering the first two chapters of her book A Single Bead for free. Download them now to begin your journey with fiction in the classroom. Inspire your students with stories they can relate to and draw upon in their own experiences with faith and learning.  

About A Single Bead: On the anniversary of the plane crash that took the life of her beloved grandmother and threw her own mother into deep depression, 16-year-old Katelyn Marie Roberts discovers a single bead from her grandmother’s rosary—a rosary lost in the crash. A chance encounter with a stranger, who tells Katelyn that a similar bead saved her friend’s life, launches Katelyn and her family on a quest to find the other missing beads. Their journey, filled with glimmers of hope, mystical events and unexplained grace helps Katelyn understand that faith, family and the help of others can restore what was lost.

Let A Single Bead be your introduction to Pauline's full line of teen and young adult books for every occasion and reader. Using this type of books in your teaching will help engage students and give them the love of reading about their faith. 

Access the chapters today!